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the favorite manufacturer of the distributors

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Your Interest, our concern.

Some of our strengths on the market :

+ Experience
For more than 20 years, qe are specialised in this highly specialized niche.

+ Security
Our magnets meet the strict European standards for child safety. (certificates in the "Members Section")

+ Ethics
Our social code Labour complies with European standards.(certificates in the "Members Section")

+ Quality
Printing quality of our offset machines. Same quality with very small quantities. Thanks to the Indigo 7000 that is te only digital machine that can print with same quality as an offset machine, with inks that do not take off the plastic coating surface.
Cutting quality , to the millimeter !
Materials (magnetic material and film-coated paper) of high quality metting European standards of safety and ecology.

+ Reactivity
For example, all our quotation are sent within 24 hours. If your customer is just in front of you, give us a call and we do the quotation right away.

+ Efficacity
One and a single contact that does all the follow up with you.
There is only one person per customer for the quotaitons, production, accounting, etc.

+ Price
Getting in competition with other "suppliers" of magnets, we do it every day.
That's why we have the most competitive rates in the European market.

+ Production time
Our time is 7 to 9 working days usually and 5 days if you specify.

+ Production capacity
2.000.000 magnets per week.

+ Flexibility
We also produce very small amounts: 50 pieces. And magnets from 4 x 4 cm to 60 x 3000 cm.