Rue de l'Industrie, 7. B1400 Nivelles. . Belgium.
VAT : 611.832.151 Reg.Com. : Nivelles 70.402

the favorite manufacturer of the distributors

Tel ++ 32 2 384 89 68       info@euromagnet.BE


Our Profession

It's simple, it's the Magnet.


Who are we ?

Manufacturers of custom flexible magnets.


Printing : 4-colours offset machine and Indigo 7000.
Laminating: machines specially adapted for magnetic materials.
Cutting: machines also exclusive.

Our history

We only specialize in manufacturing custom flexible magnets since 1992.

1990 : Exports from Asia. With this experience of looking for the best and cheapest products,
          we finally opted for the more effective of them: the Magnet.

1992 : Decision to produce them ourselves and selection of Belgium to set up our factory.
          It is located 30 km south of the Capital of Europe, Brussels. Belgium.

1992 : Production and export of magnets all over Europe.

1999 : Launch of this website to improve our efficiency.

2002 : Automation of inventory and orders. Exclusive new magnets for the European market.

2008 : Park expansion machine. Development of machinery specially adapted to the magnets.

2009 : Move to larger buildings.

2011 : export outside Europe.

2012 : New machines, prouction capacity : 2,000,000 magnet per week.